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Marigny & Bywater

Located right next to each other and often confused for one another lie the Marigny and Bywater areas of New Orleans. Between Esplanade Avenue and Press Street (the eastern and western boundaries), Faubourg Marigny is one of New Orleans' oldest neighborhoods and was one of the first surburbs of the Vieux Carre. 

During the day, the Marigny's funky vibe pervades. You can peruse antique shops and bookstores, opt for food from Creole to vegetarian or visit the gardens of Washington Square Park - all perfect places for meeting local artists, performers and neighborhood characters. Get their suggestions on restaurants to visit and acts to catch.

A trip into the Marigny is not complete without a visit to the famed Frenchmen Street. Known as the local's version of Bourbon Street, and a must-visit destination for nightlife, Frenchmen is a compact entertainment district home to a wide range of clubs featuring musical styles from traditional jazz to blues to reggae to rock.

Frenchmen also offers a lively street culture that creates a seamless experience of music and fun both inside and out of the clubs that line the district. Sketch artists, poets, bluegrass and gypsy jazz pick-up bands nestle into stoops along the strip. Brass bands are commonly found on the corner of Chartres and Frenchmen and will give you an opportunity to second line alongside locals. On the weekends, the nocturnal Frenchmen Art Market sets up with tempting local crafts and wares. 

So feel free to get outside, stroll, wander, dance in the street and, of course with New Orleans' open-container law, you can always take your drink with you as you explore.Whether you're a night owl or early bird, you can always pass a good time in the Marigny.  

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